Cannabis oil extraction


CBD Crew Skunk Haze Oil In syringe for easy use

A Simple Extraction Method Using A Crock Pot or Rice Cooker.

The better the quality of cannabis used, the better the resultant oil will be. Use top grade cannabis buds for the best results and completely dry the cannabis in an oven at 110ºC (230ºF).

Cannabis budsGentle heating
Place the bone dry cannabis material into a jar and cover with your solvent of choice, shake vigorously, the longer you agitate the mixture the more cannabinoids you will extract. However, if you use a polar solvent like Ethanol then short exposures are preferred as polar solvents also extract water solubles from the plant such as chlorophyll. Filter the plant solvent mixture, a cafetière is a convenient and quick way to remove the bulk of the plant material.

Buds in solventCafetiere

The final filtration is through a coffee filter which removes the empty trichomes and other fine contaminants. If you have filtered your solution correctly you will be left with an amber looking liquid.

Strained through coffee filter Extraction

Pour the liquid into a Rice Cooker and with the lid removed, turn on. As the Rice Cooker heats up the solvent will start to boil. Be careful, boiling solvents are very volatile


Rice cookerRice cooker boiling solvent

When the solvent has reduced in volume carefully pour into a good quality glass receptacle and complete the final evaporation on a hot plate or coffee warmer. As the volume reduces the mixture will be less volatile, the final evaporation process can take 24 to 48 hours, continue the evaporation process until there is no more activity.

Final extractionFinal extraction

The colour of the final oil will vary depending on the strain used, the method, the solvent used and of course the skill of the oil maker.

Cannabis oil

The oil is best stored in a syringe. Draw the oil up whilst slightly warm.




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