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Cannabis in alcohol Satives tincture

Cannabis Alcohol Tincture

Tinctures of cannabis have been made for hundreds of years and were one of the earliest forms of medicinal cannabis preparations.Cannabis tincture

The best tinctures are made from concentrated cannabinoid oil but if you do not have enough plant material to make a batch of oil then this simple method by José T. Gállego explains the process. It is easy to prepare a tincture or an oil from cannabis, that concentrates the active compounds of the plant. You need marijuana and ethyl alcohol of 96-99% (e.g. from the pharmacy), a glass that can be closed (e.g. jam jar), a coffee filter, a deep plate and a bottle with a dropper for storage and administration.

    •    Reduce the cannabis to small pieces and put it into the glass.

    •    Cover it with alcohol.

    •    Keep it in a dark and cool place for about a week.

    •    Shake it every day.

    •    Filter it using a coffee filter.

    •    Press the last drops of alcohol out of the plant material.

You may repeat this process several times, at least once, better twice. You may again put the cannabis into the glass and cover it with alcohol. Finally, put all the alcohol (it will have a green colour) into a deep plate. Keep it in a tempered and ventilated place so that some of the alcohol will be evaporated increasing the cannabinoids concentration of the tincture. This may take ten days. When enough alcohol is evaporated pour the extract into the bottle with the dropper.

The cannabis tincture can be used directly, or dissolved in a drink or food, or vaporized. To vaporize the tincture a commercial vaporizer or the old silver paper system can be used. Form a teaspoon out of silver paper, put some drops of the tincture on it, carefully heat it with a candle until the alcohol evaporates - then inhale it using a small tube such as the body of a ball point pen. (Gállego JT: Tintura de cannabis. Canamo, No 46, July 2001:76-77)

Standardized Cannabis Tincture

With our assistance Bud Buddies have produced a cannabinoid oral mucosal mouth spray (which basically means you squirt it under your tongue). To produce a standardized tincture you must have access to a high quality oil made with a crock pot extraction method previously shown, which has been HPLC tested. Such a report allows you to determine the cannabinoid profile and therefore produce standardized preparations

Test results

Sprayable tincture has an almost identical cannabinoid profile to Sativex - with each 10ml vial containing 270mg of CBD and 250mg of THC.

Test results

Two versions of cannabis tincture

Sativex Bud Buddies tincture
  On the left is a pharmaceutical cannabinoid product called Sativex which cost $190.00 (approx.) per 10ml vial. On the right is our 10ml version which has exactly the same profile of THC and CBD, however, our version also contains the full profile of the other 80 beneficial cannabinoids and cost us just under $8.00 (£5.00) to produce (you read that correctly eight Dollars!). In making this medicinal tincture we committed a criminal offence, yet when you compare the costs of these two medicines, of which ours is arguably the more effective, you do question who the criminals really are.

Glycerine Cannabis Tincture

For recovering alcoholics or people who wish to avoid alcohol Glycerin is an ideal alternative to traditional alcohol based tinctures. For best results use 1/2 gallon (64 fl oz) of Food Grade Glycerin to (4 oz) of trim (or 2 ounces of quality bud) Set your crock pot to the lowest setting, this will usually be the ‘warm’ setting. Grind up your decarboxylated (heated on low in the oven to activate the cannabinoids) cannabis as finely as possible and add it to the glycerine in the crock pot. Let it sit for 12 – 24 hours, stirring occasionally. Use a cafetière to filter the glycerine, due to the density of the glycerine you will need to depress the plunger very slowly. Glycerine based cannabis tinctures will not store as well as those made from alcohol therefore it is recommended that glycerine tinctures are stored in a refrigerator.




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