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THC has been shown to have a beneficial effect when used in the treatment of Herpes. A topical application reduces the healing time of blisters and regular cannabis use reduces the frequency of attacks.
A treatment for herpes outbreaks (includes more links)
Effect of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol on herpes
Tetrahydrocannabinol on herpes

High blood pressure

Preliminary studies do show that cannabinoids can lower blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels, despite marijuana use initially speeding up the heart rate in some user’s thereby increasing blood pressure.
Cannabis should be considered to treat those with high blood pressure
Hypertension is one of the indications to recommend cannabis
Cannabinoid system plays an integral role in regulating blood pressure


Many people with HIV/AIDS use medical marijuana to combat wasting and other symptoms (See Anorexia nervosa) and there are indications that cannabis use and a dietary supplement of hemp seeds has a positive influence on the body’s immune system.
Marijuana and its CD4 receptors: A new HIV treatment strategy?
Marijuana compounds fight AIDS
Cannabis as therapy for HIV (links page)


  According to new research published in the medical journal PLoS One - cannabinoids actually fight the HIV virus in late-stage AIDS patients. The study found that cannabinoid receptors are triggered by marijuana-like compounds and can actually block the spread of the HIV virus throughout the body

Huntington’s disease

Research led by Dr. Javier Fernandez-Ruiz, published in the Journal of Neuroscience Research, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, studied the effects of both THC and CBD on Huntington’s disease. This study was not carried out on human patients but tested on rodents; THC did show positive effects.
Smoking marijuana doesn't have to be a bad thing - Especially if you have HD
Cannabis could help Huntington's
The cannabinoids that treat Huntington’s disease


Cannabinoids have been shown to reduce urge incontinence episodes without affecting voiding in patients with multiple sclerosis. Inflammatory bowel disease Beneficial effects of cannabis treatment have been reported for appetite, pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, activity, and depression. Patients also reported that cannabis use resulted in weight gain, fewer stools per day and less severe flare-ups. Patients not only report significant relief of their symptoms, they are also able to reduce the amount of prescribed immunosuppressive medications.
Cannabis-based extracts for bladder dysfunction
The effect of cannabis on urge incontinence
Cannabis and urge incontinence


Cannabis has been shown to have a beneficial effect in helping chronic insomnia sufferers who report positive results from moderate consumption one hour before retiring.
Medical marijuana and persistent insomnia
Medical marijuana (“medical cannabis”) to manage insomnia
Cannabis and insomnia


Studies have shown that THC kills leukemia cells and cannabis oil is an effective treatment for this condition.
Cannabis has the potential to destroy leukemia cells
Medicinal marijuana will destroy leukemia cells
Medicinal marijuana aids in recovery of 7 year old cancer victim
Cannabis and leukemia (in depth assessment)

Mykayla Comstock is a 7 year-old Leukemia patient. She has consumed a daily gram of cannabis oil since shortly after her diagnosis. The leukemia quickly went into remission and she likes that cannabis makes her laugh. She recently told reporters “It’s like everything’s funny to me.”  

You can read more of Mykalas remarkable story here: or alternativley visit her parents blog:

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

Cannabinoids are unaffected by the mechanism that superbugs like MRSA use to resist antibiotics. Scientists from Italy and the United Kingdom, who published their research in The Journal of Natural Products report that cannabis-based creams could also be developed to treat persistent skin infections.
Marijuana may fight MRSA
Cannabis kills MRSA
Marijuana extracts kill antibiotic-resistant MRSA


Cannabis use is one of the most effective treatments for chronic, debilitating migraine attacks. Sufferers report that cannabis buds administered with a vaporizer give sustained relief within a very short period of time.
Is marijuana an effective treatment for migraines?
Cannabis gave me my life back
Cannabis was highly regarded as a treatment for migraine in the 19th century

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