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As research has confirmed the effectiveness of cannabis based medications in treating serious life threatening conditions, inevitably there have been a spate of unscrupulous individuals offering cannabis oil for sale, usually over the Internet. They use social networking sites such as Facebook and youtube to find customers and many of them appear plausible, even claiming to be medical professionals affiliated to non profit organizations such as Rick Simpson or Bud Buddies. Neither Rick Simpson nor Bud Buddies ever ask for payment for medical grade cannabis oil - period.

These scammers sell low grade cannabis oil that they have generally produced themselves. The extraction process they use will mostly be substandard and none of the oils will have been laboratory tested. They will ask you for several thousand dollars for their oil, claiming they have successfully treated anything from depression to cancer.

Never buy any cannabis oil from these sources, the oil, if it ever arrives, will be of no medical use and the advice given is in many cases is irresponsibly dangerous. We know of one scammer (see below) who not only sells 60 grams of low grade cannabis oil (that has no laboratory test certificate) for £2,040.00, but advises in badly written English, "Please do not use any kind of doctor medication during our hemp oil treatment control." [sic]

When confronted these scammers will inevitably threaten you with the police and tell you they will report all of your correspondence to your local police station - we have experienced this! The answer is simple - grow a few small plants and make your own oil as we describe here on this web site.

Do not fall victim to these individuals who prey on sick and vulnerable people. Below is a laboratory test of cannabis oil purchased via the Internet from a known scammer. The high THC-A content indicates that this oil hasn't even been decarboxylated and has no medical value.


Shown to contain only 4.64% activated cannabinoid content.
correctly made oil is shown to be 80% activated cannabinoids.



Email correspondence from person or persons claiming to represent an organization they call 'Hemp For Victory'. The emails are show here as received, they are unedited and the grammar is poor. Initial reply to request for oil by activist posing as terminal cancer patient:



"We can supply you 60 gram for the first 90 days which will cost you 34 pounds per gram, plus VAT and shipping to see how our first grade hemp oil works and please do not use any kind of doctor medication during our hemp oil treatment control. 60 gram of first grade hemp oil will be delivered to you per your requirements in total sum of £2,040.00 GBP British Pound - Lynn or Robert +44 ***** **** [sic. Number removed]

After being emailed back and confronted by the activist who also enquired how they can charge tax (VAT) on a prohibited substance they replied:

"Why do i waste my time explaining to senseless people. Its easy for an eye to make the oil during research, but you will only understand what it takes in getting the marijuana before making this oil and we are not worried for the jealous of other scumbag's - Regards, Lynn or Robert" [sic.]

The replies became more abusive and threatening and the activist broke off contact.


The following is typical of the email generated scams that circulate on Facebook and are designed to target the sick, vulnerable and sometimes desperate. Please do not purchase any cannabis oil from these people.


Peyton Swayer

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[sic. Contact details removed]



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